Please note we are offering virtual and studio classes.


9 a.m.  “Sol Blend” (virtual) - Kasey 



9 a.m.  "Flow Yoga"  (studio)- Monica


9 a.m.  "Yin Yoga" (studio) - Monica 


9 a.m. "Intro to Yoga" (studio) - Monica

4:30 p.m.  "Yoga Basics" (studio) - Sonci


9 a.m.  “Core & Restore” (virtual) - Kasey

Child's Pose

Class Pricing:

Drop In: $10/class

6 class pass: $54.00

12 class pass: $96.00

*1st class is FREE!

Yoga Class


"Sol Blend"This all-levels class is the perfect blend of a variety of yoga styles offering a new sequence each week.  It is a beginner-level class with opportunities to increase difficulty for more experienced practitioners. No prior experience is necessary and you can join at any time.  Ages: 13 and up. Duration: 1 hour.

"Wee Wiggle Time" - This family-style class uses yoga, music, books, and lots of fun props to teach your wee ones the importance of movement, mindfulness, and community.  Children ages 0 to 6 and a caregiver are invited to join us for this fun bonding time.  Activities are targeted to ages 2-6 but the younger children benefit from watching the older ones and can join in as much as they like.  Our cost for this class is per family so you can bring everyone for one low price.  Drop in for $10 per class or buy a Fitness Class Package: 6 classes for $54 or 12 classes for $96 (good for 6 months).  Every Monday from 10:15 to 10:45 am.  

"Restore the Sol" - Take 60 minutes for yourself to relax, renew, and restore.  Our restorative yoga class gives you the chance to restore the light within you through supported poses that calm the nervous system, promote conscious relaxation, and gently increase flexibility.  Every Wednesday from 9 to 10 am.  

"Yoga Basics" - Perfect for the student new to yoga or any yogi looking for a slower approach to their practice. This class provides the basic forms of postures as well as an introduction to yogic philosophy, meditation & breath work. Students will learn how to align the body from the ground up. No flexibility needed! Duration: 1 hour

"Core Yoga" - Strengthen your core with thoughtfully sequenced dynamic movements and yoga postures.  Modifications are offered so you can choose the level of work that's best for you.  A strong core can lead to less back pain, improved balance, better posture, and greater functional mobility. This class will build a solid foundation for your body without a single sit-up!

"Sol Deep" - This class will take your yoga practice to a new level by perfecting alignments and lengthening holds in poses to better facilitate a mind, body and spirit connection. Duration: 1 hour.

"Pilates" - This class will focus on toning and lengthening your muscles, especially your core.  Duration: 30 minutes