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Achieving the Unexpected

I can’t quite believe that Sol Oasis: Mind, Body & Spirit has already been open for 8 months! Time has flown by so quickly and thankfully Sol Oasis has grown in many ways in that time. We have added new businesses, services, fitness classes and are currently expanding the space to add more. I have been approached countless times by community members who are supportive and appreciate the convenience and availability of our services at Sol Oasis. It is wonderful to hear these things and I truly believe that I am the one that must thank you. Thank you for giving me the opportunity of making an impact in your life by providing these services at Sol Oasis. Helping others achieve their goals and making a difference in people’s lives is not only my dream for Sol Oasis, but also my passion. So recently, when I heard the following testimony, it confirmed that our team at Sol Oasis is making a difference in our community.

“I joined a yoga class at Sol Oasis: Mind, Body & Spirit in October 2018 to improve my flexibility and balance. It has improved those, but the bonus for me is that it has also improved my running! Since starting yoga, my times have improved and I have placed in my age group in every race! I think yoga has helped my running by strengthening my core, improved my breathing and has increased my range of motion.” ~ Nancy Nowland

Nancy's race medals from 2019

Thank you Nancy, for sharing your testimony on how our yoga classes have positively impacted your goals. What a difference it could make if we chose to step out of our comfort zone just a little.

“At any given moment we have two choices: To step forward into growth or to step back into safety.” ~Abraham Maslow

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