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Update: Mental Health Services at Sol Oasis

Good Morning & Happy Sunday!

Elizabeth and I have discussed how we can continue to serve our clients and also comply with the recommended guidelines. Your safety and the safety of our own family is our top priority. We have decided that in order to comply with the recommended best practices during this pandemic, we are transitioning our practice to 100% Telehealth starting Monday (3/23/2020). This means ALL sessions (if eligible) will be done via video (telelhealth).


1. About 10 minutes prior to the session you will get a text/email with a link.

2. At the time of the session, you will click the link and my face will appear and so will yours.

3. Our session begins. It's that easy!


* If you are using a computer or laptop nothing additional is required other than clicking the link.

* If you are using your phone, you will need to download a free app called Simple Practice Telehealth. Then you will click the link from your phone it will automatically take you into the video chatroom to begin your telehealth session.

*The platform we use is encrypted and HIPAA compliant.

* Although we are using a different platform, NONE of this is recorded.

Let us know know if you have any questions or concerns.

We are very happy that we have the opportunity to use this platform to assist us in continuing your care while keeping you safe. Please note that if you are using insurance for your sessions, you will need to check with your plan regarding your benefits and eligibility for telehealth.

Stay home, happy & healthy!

Monica & Elizabeth

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